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What Shall I Give for Christmas?

December 14, 2023

Christmas Shopping Advice from Dundas and Flavelles Limited, Lindsay, 1917

Through the first half of the twentieth century Christmas presents were typically quite practical, most often clothing. Many parents would put off purchasing new winter coats or boots so their children would have something to open on Christmas. Just as retailers do today, prominent Lindsay store Dundas and Flavelles advertised suggestions of what to get for relatives.

Don’t worry a moment trying to solve this perplexing question. Glace over these items listed here. Come to the store and you will find the problem so easy of solving, your purchasing will be a pleasure as well as profitable.

For her:

Pretty Neckwear 25 cents to $3 each

Boudoir Capes 50 cents to $3 each

Toilet requisites: Perfumes, toilet waters, sachet powders, manicure sets, boxed soap: 20 cents to $1 each

Handsome underskirts in silk , moire satin, moreen, sateen in shades of black, navy, grey, purple, green, maise, pink gold, rose, Copenhagen, brown, tan and cream $1.50 to $10.

Silk Underwear: $1 to $12.

Fur Coats: Muskrat, French Seal and Hudson Seal: Muskrat $60 to $120. French Seal $100. Hudson Seal Coats $150 to $300.

Comforters: Handsome comforters in Kopak filled and down filled. $2.75 to $18.

Blankets: A cotton and wool union in grey, fawn and white with pink or blue borders. $1.75 to $25 pair.

Brass and Nickelware: Fern pots, jardinières, casseroles, vases, pie plates, ash trays, butter dishes, lamps, trays, paper weights: 25 cents to $10

Story books 5 cents to $1 each

For Grandfather: A warm pair of sox: 25 cents to $1.50

For Father: A dozen linen collars: $2

For uncle: A Silk Tie 50 cents to $2.50

For Big Brother: A box of Holeproof Sox $1.75, $2.25 and $2.50.

For Little Brother: Fancy Excelda Handkerchiefs: 5 cents and 10 cents.

For Baby Brother: A Jack Tar Blue Serge Suit: $6 to $8.50

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