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Trent University in the early 1970s and Autumn 2021

January 7, 2022

Trent University in the Early 1970s and Autumn 2021

Trent University started out as a community improvement project in the late 1950s, a time when post-secondary education was becoming an option for almost any youth, not just the fortunate few. The government of Ontario was looking to create new institutions of higher learning, and its founding committee included many local business leaders. Reginald Faryon, President of Quaker Oats, became a public face of the initiative, while Canadian General Electric donated the 100-acre parcel. It came complete with a power plant that not only powers the university, but also generates revenue. The bridge over the Otonabee River is named in Faryon’s memory.

From its first 100 students in 1964, it has grown to be a respected University, home to over 10,000 scholars, many from the Kawarthas. It did not take long for Trent to establish a culture all its own, with the Head of the Trent regatta, and its first writer in residence, Margaret Laurence.

Comparing the photographs, some additions really stand out, like the brilliant yellows of Gzowski College, the greenspace in the foreground, the forests in the background and the sparkling student centre.

What stands out to you about Trent?

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