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Three Brothers Falls

December 18, 2021

Mixed Train at Three Brothers, Howland Junction from Charles Cooper Railway Pages

Three Brothers Falls, just north of Kinmount near where the Irondale River meets the Burnt River has changed a lot since the days of the IB&O Railway. Forests have reclaimed the clearings, and what was once the railway is now a private cottage road.

The Irondale, Bancroft and Ottawa Railway was only competed as far as York River, just north of Bancroft, where it met the Central Ontario Railway. It was common to give railways over-ambitious names as a way of attracting investment—there never was a realistic prospect of building the line through to Ottawa. The line originated as the Myles Branch Railway, which served to carry iron from mines near Irondale or Furnace Falls. Like most railways, its traffic declined as automobiles became common, and was abandoned and dismantled in 1960.

Historic Image: Mixed Train at Three Brothers Falls, from Charles Cooper’s Railway

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