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The last day of the Railway in Fenelon Falls

December 5, 2022

In the second half of the twentieth century, rail traffic on the Victoria Railway was noticeably waning. Regular passenger service continued to Haliburton until 1962, and freight ten years longer. Freight was carried on demand until 1978, but a washout north of Howland Junction brought the end for the northern tip. When the bridge over McLaren’s Creek burned two years later, it was not worth rebuilding and before long the tracks were taken up.

The last day for the railway in Fenelon Falls was Sunday, August 2, 1981. The Cherry Street Station Gang, from St. Catherines made the trip from Fenelon Falls to Haliburton, and are shown starting off at Lakeshore Park, Fenelon Falls (renamed Garnet Graham Park a few years later).

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