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The Kinmount Bridge

June 21, 2023

Reflection of Kinmount Bridge, June 19, 2022

By Guy Scott

The current bridge over the Burnt River is one of the hearts of the village. A bridge has always spanned the river at this point since 1858: literally before the founding of Kinmount. The latest bridge dates from 1957. By this date, the old log/wooden bridge built after the Great Collapse of 1905 was worn out. It was dangerous to cross. Keith Stata recalls his teacher “falling through” the rotten planking on the bridge’s pedestrian sidewalk and landing on the ice below! She broke her arm and Keith’s class got a few days off due to a wounded teacher.

The new bridge was constructed sometime later. It was a unique “truss design” and was built of steel and concrete. So sturdy was this new bridge, it lasts to this very day, 66 years later! The bridge has been extensively refurbished on several occasions. The main issue has been road salt rotting out the concrete, but the basic structure is still sound. The Kinmount bridge is a vital transportation link for many roads and carries a lot of traffic every day.

The opening of the new bridge was a time of celebration for the village. A marching band was brought in to lead a parade and an official opening ceremony was held on August 31, 1957.

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