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The Fenelon Theatre

June 26, 2023

1991 Fenelon Fair Parade in front of theatre

When Lou Consky opened the Fenelon Theatre in 1948, many families did not yet have electrical service and televisions were rare, though radios were common. The Show created a sensation in the village as it made a wonderful new form of entertainment accessible. As theatres opened across the country, feature films became international events and movie stars like Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne became household names.

In the years that followed, televisions became ubiquitous and going to the show lost some of its lustre. The theatre continued to operate into the new millennium, but by then many preferred movies in the comfort of their homes, while digital projection was becoming the norm. The Fenelon Theatre fell into disrepair and after the roof collapsed the building was demolished in 2016.

The Fenelon Theatre’s projectors were a pair of 35 mm Century Projector Company, model C, which served until the building closed. One is on exhibition at Maryboro Lodge.

The Fenelon Theatre was one of many buildings on Colborne Street, constructed of handmade blocks by Mark Fell, Joe Gamsby and Milt Perryman.

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