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The Fenelon Fair Parade

December 3, 2021

1991 fenelon fair parade in front of theatre 3

It didn’t take long after the first farmers reached the Kawartha for agricultural exhibitions to become a much loved annual event. Initially, they had a serious and practical purpose—most families were farmers and spent most of their lives performing tedious and backbreaking labour to raise and process most all of their food and make their personal belongings. If only a way could be found to relieve the eternal toil, everyone’s life would be so much better. The fair was a venue for the community to share ideas on how to make farming better, hence the exhibition and prizes.

As time marched on and ever fewer people provided an ever greater abundance for everyone else, the fair increasingly became more of a lighthearted and joyous occasion. The parade was a much anticipated annual event and participants put great efforts into creating interesting spectacles. Yet through all the changes, the exhibitions are not that different from the early fairs.

The 1888 Prize List is now available online:…/prize-list-fenelon-falls-fall…/

Many thanks to Fern Bellwood and Hazel Graham for their interesting photographs.

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