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July 7, 2024

Sonya from the Air, May 2024

By Guy Scott

A mere 2 miles north of Seagrave on Simcoe Street lies the hamlet of Sonya. The hamlet also straddles the line between the Counties of Ontario (Durham Region) and Victoria (City of Kawartha Lakes). It is divided between Brock Township and Mariposa Township. It was another crossroads hamlet with the usual hotel, blacksmith, general store, school, church etc. The name Sonia is thought to be Gaelic for good fortune. The title was first applied to Seagrave, but when the post master from Sonya (Seagrave) moved up the road, he took the name with him! Sonya was not on a major stream for mills, so steam power was used for its saw and grist mills. The earliest businesses catered to travellers on Simcoe Street. In 1877, it too was graced with a flag stop on the Whitby-Port Perry-Lindsay Railway. The hamlet served a prosperous farming area, providing such services as blacksmith, wagonmaker, harness shop, cooper, tailor, implement dealer and feed mill. Sonya also featured several lodges or organizations including the Sons of       Scotland, Patrons of Industry, Sons of Temprance and a Women’s Institute. It even had its own brass marching band. Today, Sonya is just a few houses on a crossroads.

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