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Remembering L.C.I. in 1949

February 6, 2022

Lindsay Collegiate Institute

The Highlight of the Year was the “At Home” Ball

“At 9 p.m. the couples could be seen streaming into L.C.I., girls in their lovely gowns, escorted by their handsome gentlemen. Wraps checked, corsages received, the girls made their way to the powder rooms to put their last touches to their make-up; then to the gym, which was beautifully decorated in green, white and yellow and amply furnished giving the impression of an elaborate ball-room. The reception line, including Mr. and Mrs. T.H. Eberlee, Mr. and Mrs. G.W. Keith, Mr. and Mrs. J. Forman, Barbara Nugent and Jim Burn greeted the students, ex-students and graduates.

Soon the gym was full, tally cards were filled out, and the first strains of music by Denny Nolan and his orchestra filled the hall. The dance was under way at last! Types of dances were Paul Jones, Elimination, Spot, Multiplication and Rye Waltz. Prizes were won by Bob Beggs and Enid Philip for lucky ticket number; Joan Westaway and Alex Allison, Betty Hill and Norm Harrison for lucky spots. The elimination dance was won by Mary Ann Ashmore and John Kennedy, and lucky door prize by Valerie Gruber and Allan Lytle.

Mr. Cozens, George Bellamy, Arnold Karrys and John Elliot were “Masters of the Mike” and did a wonderful job.

For those who did not wish to dance there was bridge in the library. High scorer for the evening was Mrs. Lonie”

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