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Remembering Alvin Gould

November 23, 2022

Alvin Gould

Pharmacist, Star Goaltender, Curler and Member of the Don’t Give a Damn Club!

Alvin Gould grew up in Fenelon Falls, the son of Dr. David Gould, and as a young man was encouraged to become a pharmacist to help with his father’s practice. He also became one of the best known athletes in town, backstopping the Stratton Cup Champion Fenelon Falls Hockey Club. He excelled as a curler, helping the village rink win many tournaments. He loved hunting with his friends, and was a member of the Don’t Give a Damn Club, a group of young gentlemen who obviously had a sense of humour.

As a pharmacist, his practice was located on Colborne Street (later McArthur Drugs, now operated by Sharif Ibrahim). At the time Fenelon Falls was dry, and the pharmacist was one of the few people in town for whom an exception was made, to allow him to mix medications.

One winter night in 1946, Alvin was on his way home from a card game and was walking home across the river—he lived at 29 Oak Street, now the Blue Oak. The ice cracked, he fell through and drowned. He was a very memorable personality, a man who excelled at many things, and one whom few associates would forget.

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