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Reid Road

March 20, 2024

Reid Street, Kinmount

By Guy Scott

The 17th and 18th Concessions of Galway Township are very rough country, full of swamps and rock and largely unsuited to agriculture and settlement. The only side road to penetrate the 17th concession is the Reid Road (now called Reid Street). This back road leaves Highway 503 at the Kinmount fairgrounds and meanders its way through the 17th, 16th and 15th concessions until it joins up with the Galway Road at lot 17 in the 14th Concession. The western section from the Kinmount end, now called Reid Street, effectively ends at its junction with the Dutch Line. The eastern section, now called Reid Road, strikes north to Trounce (Birchbark) Lake and then west until it peters out in a large swamp. In the not too distant past the entire road was open to through traffic, but today…. Not so much!

It is a bit of a mystery why the Reid Road was opened at all. There were only a handful of farms along its entire route, and zero in the central section. The road was likely built to allow access to the timber along its route and kept in repair for various reasons.

The first lot of out Kinmount (lot 1, concession 17) was ‘home’ to a variety of settlers including a back lot for the Mansfield Farm, Fred Dawson and Charles Scott. Dan Reid settled on lots 2 and 3 in the 16th concession (south of the Reid Road) before selling to Michael Clark. This was the only true farm on the entire length of the road. Across the road in the 17th concession was a small lake called by the locals Rock Lake, but labelled on the maps as Kinmount Lake. It now contains several cottages.

At the junction of the Dutch Line there was another farm variously occupied by Walter Hurst and Ole Stange to name two owners. After this there was not settlers until the Reid Road discharges into the Galway Road.

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