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Outdoor Paddleboard and Kayak Rental

June 7, 2023

Stacey Brown and Candace Buckley with their Boats for Rent

This summer, Maryboro Lodge Museum has an exciting new neighbour in Garnet Graham Park. Candace Buckley and Stacey Brown from Days Inn & Suites, Lindsay are operating a kayak and paddle board rental business in the south end of the park. While working full time at the hotel, “we are constantly chatting with tourists who are looking for things to do while in Kawartha Lakes,” Stacey explains. “While our list of things for visitors to check out is long, we seemed to never be able to find any slow travel rentals for visitors.”  In a hotel-related meeting with the Economic Development Department, Candace mentioned the idea and learned that the City had been waiting for a business to come along to do this and that it was needed. From December 2022 Stacey and Candace began their planning and now are renting kayaks and paddle boards at Garnet Graham Park, where it is convenient to launch.

Offering one-hour rentals for $25+HST, the service is designed to give people the opportunity to try something new and immerse themselves into the outdoors.  “You do not have to be an expert by any means to rent and have fun on the kayaks or paddle boards.” “Our equipment is very user friendly and designed for new and leisure paddlers,” Candace explains. Our location also offers a simple paddle route away from boaters and any currents. Outdoor Kawartha is on site Saturdays and Sundays from 11-4, until Labour Day.

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