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Monty and Beulah Robson

December 8, 2021

Beulah (Hanthorne) Robson, taken at Langdon, North Dakota. July 16, 1941

One of the most beloved couples in the Fenelon Falls, Monty and Beulah touched the lives of practically everyone in town. Beulah was the United Church Organist, volunteered at Maryboro Lodge’s teas, and helped countless other community organizations. She was a wonderful host, “an absolute sweetheart” and it seemed like she and Monty had practically everyone over for a visit at one time or another. Many people really looked forward to seeing the Robsons.

Together they were the personal face of the Conservative Party and recruited countless members (many people supported the party for their connection to the Robsons, more than any interest in national affairs—these were the days when it was often said that people voted Conservative because their dad did). It seemed as though they organized just about every Conservative event.

Monty was the enthusiastic and articulate “master of ceremonies for damned near any gathering of more than ten people.” His voice was instantly recognizable, and he a knack of making just about any event from a banquet to a tractor pull engaging. He operated a Massey Ferguson dealership on Colborne Street, at the present site of Daisy Mart—carrying on a long family tradition. His ancestors, Thomas and William Robson began making farm machinery at a foundry located on the site of the beach park in 1877.

Monty and Beulah really looked after each other and their community.

The 1937 freebee pocket book featuring many of the farm implements for sale through Robsons, is now available online:

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