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KidsFest, September 2-4 at Maryboro Lodge Museum

August 26, 2022

KidsFest is the Kawartha’s Free Family Fun Fair, hosted each Labour Day Weekend at Maryboro Lodge Museum and Garnet Graham Beach Park in Fenelon Falls. Kids will have the chance to enjoy countless hands-on activities, everything from launching rockets to a unicorn obstacle course to having the chance to Be a Rockstar! The weekend includes a packed lineup of performers for all ages, with Washboard Hank, the Paddling Puppeteers, Mystic Drumz and Pint of Blarney.

KidsFest celebrates the Kawarthas’ unique history of children’s manufacturing. Half a century ago, Fenelon Falls’ largest employer was a toy factory that produced a great variety of wooden toys, including the Tinkertoy. It seems that practically everyone around either grew up playing with their wooden toys, or worked in the factory. In Lindsay, the Canada Crayon Company set up shop in 1933, later renamed Crayola, now part of the world’s largest manufacturer of children’s craft supplies. It is something unique about the Kawarthas that so many of the classic toys that enlivened childhoods across the country, all came from the same region. Fittingly, the event is hosted in Garnet Graham Park, named for the village’s unforgettable children’s entertainer and master of the Yip Stick.

Celebrating the unique contributions that the Kawarthas have made to families makes for a great end of summer party. The event kicks off on Friday with a chance to make Crazy Cars, check out Sciensational Sssnakes!, Be a Radio Star and enjoy a little bit of Farm Fun. On Saturday, Kids can take part in the Paper Airplane Competition and Be a Rockstar! Sunday’s features include Zoo to You, Mystic Drums, Hula Hoops and a Community Campfire. Each day features new activities and there is something for everyone.

All weekend long, the south end of Garnet Graham Park will be a kids’ wonderland of free family fun. The Cameron Lake Sea Monster will make an appearance, as will many fairies. Larger than life games include giant Tinkertoys, Bubbles, a water table, marble maze, skeet ball, wind machines, and the ever popular Pool Noodle Olympics. Kids will have the chance to race a boat, dig for treasures, play mini hockey, and make many different types of castles. While kids play with the hands on activities, their parents and grandparents can take in the concerts in the park.

KidsFest also celebrates local food, and will provide visitors the opportunity to sample family friendly treats from many local food providers. At each major Maryboro Lodge event, the museum features a different heritage local recipe. A century ago, Maryboro was a tourist lodge, and we will be featuring the cookies that were once served by the Abbott sisters, who hosted guests on site. The Fenelon Falls Brewing Company will host a barbeque at their nearby restaurant to co-ordinate with the event.

KidsFest is a wonderful way to make the most of the last weekend of summer before the kids head back to school. It’s fun, educational and a wonderful place to spend quality time with your family.

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