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In the Woodland by Earl Vanatter

April 8, 2022

Emily and Earl Van Atter with Jack, 1932

Earl and Emily Vanatter opened Van’s Meat Market on Colborne Street, Fenelon Falls in 1932. It grew into a popular grocery store, Van’s Groceteria, operated by their son, Jack, and his wife, Ina (York). When they retired, Carl Quaranto and Ralph Sackett rechristened the shop at Sunshine Food Market. Earl and Emily enjoyed travelling together, while he composed verse and created wonderful sculptures from roots.

In the Woodland (1965)

Flowers lift their dewey heads

To greet the dawn,

A bluejays scolds a saucy squirrel

And all day the woodland is alive.

And at night when everything is still

The woodland echoes to the tread

Of strange phantastic shapes

That move among the shadows.

Go gently then… as you

Go through the wooded dell;

Go silently… lest footsteps break

The magic of the woodland spell.

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