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In and Around Burnt River

November 28, 2021

The Main Street of Burnt River, 1912.

Much as Burnt River has changed over the years, it remains the same warm and welcoming community it has been since time immemorial. Where Miss Kellar’s Class waited in 1960 for the Victoria Railway’s last passenger train to take them on an excursion to Haliburton is now a much-loved recreational corridor. The Old Anglican Church is still quite recognizable from the Early Twentieth Century postcard, while the local public school operated until the 1990s.

A big part of what is special about Burnt River is that the volunteers continue to work together to make their community a better place. Their contributions are obvious to anyone who visits the Community Centre or the outdoor skating Rink. Two decades ago, to celebrate the new millennium, a local volunteer committee put together a community history, “In and Around Burnt River,” that is now available online. It is a great resource for the history of just about everything in the area.

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