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Have You Seen Lynn DeRocher’s Beautiful Embroidered Village of Fenelon Falls 150th Anniversary Merchandise?

April 15, 2024

Village of Fenelon Falls Logo Embroidered on a Shirt by Lynn DeRocher at Snow N Sand

As the Village of Fenelon Falls is gearing up to celebrate its 150th anniversary, Lynn DeRocher has created a line of beautiful merchandise to celebrate the occasion. Embroidered on site at Snow N Sand (12 Francis Street West, Fenelon Falls), you can purchase village of Fenelon Falls t-shirts, hoodies, tea towels and bags, all featuring the village logo. “I am honoured to have the chance to make merchandise for the anniversary. The Village of Fenelon Falls Train logo is really popular and a great community symbol, like the Theatre Marquee.” It certainly is a stylish way to show your local pride.

“We started doing embroidery about 9 years ago, when we noticed that there was nothing in Fenelon that had the ‘Fenelon Falls’ name on it. My husband, Michael, suggested that I should get an embroidery machine. Though he knew nothing about embroidery, he was right, it has been a great way to get people to come to the store. I started making shirts that said ‘Cameron Lake,’ ‘Burnt River’ or ‘Four Mile Lake.’ We do custom embroidery, and people can ask for anything that they want—like having their name on a Christmas stocking. Then I started embroidering shirts with funny phrases, like a fishing lure and ‘Weekend Hooker.’ The Fenelon Theatre Marquee proved really popular.”

Lynn went into business 17 years ago as Country Antiques and Collectables. “My husband bought the building as my 40th Birthday Present. I said to him, ‘How are you going to top that next year?’ The business subsequently became the Corral, which sold clothing, with gifts on the west side. In 2021, it again received a new name to reflect its changing merchandise, Snow N Sand. A Christmas store being snow and swimwear as sand.

Since she added an embroidery machine to the business, it has become quite popular. “It is a classy way of adding a design. You can add that bit of personality.” At Snow N Sand, the embroidery machine is running practically all the time, and it is an interesting experience for customers to watch their shirts being made. At 800 stitches per minute, a simple design can be complete in 10 minutes, while the Village of Fenelon Falls logo is complicated and requires 55 minutes per copy. “Unlike a vinyl stick-on logo, embroidery is permanent.” For merchandise made on site the prices are quite reasonable: T-shirts are $30, hoodies $47, zipped sweaters $55 and T-towels $10.

So if you would like to show your pride in Fenelon Falls in this anniversary year, be sure to visit Lynn. It is a memorable experience watching your shirt being stitched.

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