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Has it seemed like winter has not been very wintery this year?

February 7, 2024

Lower Fenelon Lock, River and Gorge in Winter, Lime Kiln, circa 1935

For much of the twentieth century the lakes were used as roads for winter transportation, and Wilf Jackett used to plow an ice road across Cameron Lake that came out near Sunny Acres. Up until a few years ago, there was an ice road from Curve Lake to Selwyn. For many years, a Fenelon Falls service club would park a car out on the ice and people would guess when it would fall through. It wouldn’t be safe to drive out on the lake anymore! In Bobcaygeon, local youth once played hockey on Big Bob Channel in front of Locust Lodge (the Bobcaygeon Inn) that is open water now.

Comparing this photograph of the Fenelon Gorge circa 1935 with photos taken yesterday it can be readily seen how much the ice cover of the waterway has changed. In the original photo the water is frozen almost up to the falls, while yesterday, there was a strip of open water extending well into Sturgeon Lake. Have the days of driving automobiles across the lakes come to an end?

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