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Go Ye and Do Likewise

April 8, 2024

Mossom W (Monty) Robson at Rotary Park, Fenelon Falls (the Ball Park), founded as one of the first Rotary Club projects in the 1940s

By Monty Robson

For many years, it seemed like just about everyone in Fenelon Falls knew Monty Robson. Earlier in life, he had been well-known as a farm equipment dealer, and volunteered for many community organizations over the years. He was “the perennial master of ceremonies for damned near any gathering of more than ten people,” in the words of John Lyon. He was especially remembered as the voice of local fairs.  Monty Robson was a great story teller, and many Fenelon Falls residents visited him, to check in and hear his stories. A few of his tales made it into print.

With all the talk about the new front wheel drive, fuel-efficient four cylinder cars, I sort of got that bug to go look around at what was really being offered. We do have a really good car of a kind now referred to as a full sized vehicle with a fairly powerful V-eight engine.

Our vehicle happened to be one that was originally equipped with Firestone Radial 500 tires. All the harangue broke out about how that particular kind of tire was failing. I think there were failures alright, but I am sure some of the failures were a direct result of people running around on underinflated tires. Too much was said about how radial tires were satisfactorily inflated when they appeared soft according to standards we had previously been taught to observe. That background, perhaps, was responsible for many who abusively treated tires by running them much too soft.

Anyway, good old Firestone asked me to bring my machine in for a check-up to determine if I had any of the condemned batch of tires on my car. It turned out that they all were in that category. Firestone gave me a whole set of new 721 type radial tires all at no charge. They were very decent and I am currently not snuffing around for a deal because I need tires. Like the big store that says “it’s mainly because of the meat,” I am considering a deal mainly because of the gas mileage.

There was a day when an exploratory visit to a car dealership, thereby divulging the fact that you were interested, would have a super-salesman at your home in the next day or so. My memory runs back to the way a real super salesman in the person of the late Thomas H. Moffat used to drive a new Ford through the country day after day searching out the prospects and closing many deals for Little Bros., who then carried on business at the site of the present Ford dealership in Fenelon Falls [now Highlands Propane].

I think I should relate a story that seems to me to be currently applicable. It was directed to me by the big Company I represented as a dealer for a long time. [Massey Ferguson]

Quote: “And in those days, behold, there came through the gates of the city a salesman from afar off, and it came to pass as the day went by he sold plenty. That they were the grouchers smiled on him and gave him the hand that is glad. The tightwads opened their purses for him. And in that day they that were the order takers, and they spent their days in the showrooms adding to the alibi sheets. Mightily were they astonished. They said, one to the other, ‘What the heck: How doth he get away with it.’ And it came to pass that many were gathered in the back office and a soothsayer came among them. And he was one wise guy. And they spoke and questioned him, saying ‘How is it this stranger accomplishes the impossible?’

Whereupon the soothsayer made answer, “he of whom you speak is one hustler. He ariseth very early in the morning and goeth forth full of pep. He complaineth not, nor will he knock. He arrayed in purple and fine linen, while you go forth with faces unshaven, and pants unpressed. While ye gather here and say one to another, ‘Verily this is a terrible day to work,’ he is already abroad. And when the eleventh hour cometh he needeth no alibis. He sayeth not to ‘Behold they are a bunch of boneheads,’ nor doth he report that they cannot be sold. He knoweth his line and they that would stave him off, give him orders. Men say unto him “Nay-nay” when he cometh in, yet when he goes forth, he hath their names on the line that is dotted. He taketh with him two angels—‘Aspiration’ and ‘Perspiration,’ he knoweth whereof he speaketh and he worketh to beat the deuce. Verily I say unto you, ‘Go ye and do likewise.’

That will be all for now.

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