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Fenelon Falls wins the Stratton Cup!

November 15, 2021

In the early days of Canadian Hockey there was more than one Silver Challenge Cup named after a prominent politician-donor. Fenelon Falls iced a remarkably successful team at the start of the twentieth century, winning an Ontario Championship four times and the Stratton Cup twice. The whole community gathered to celebrate their local sporting heroes, with a banquet at Northey’s Restaurant (later J’n’B’s).

At this time hockey teams consisted of six skaters plus a goalie, and the names of the positions have since changed.

Team Photo: Back: Cecil (Dodger) Deyman (Rover), Herb Deyman (Point), Reginald Sandford (Left Wing).

Middle: Alvin Gould (Goal), R.S. Rowland (Manager), Edward Beteau (Centre).

Front: Charles Corbett (Captain & Right Wing), Bidwell Burgess (Cover Point)

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