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Fenelon Falls Public School

March 24, 2022

Fenelon Falls Public School, 1957 - A Claude Bellwood Photograph

Up to the early 1950s, Fenelon Falls’ Public School was located on Colborne Street between the United Church and Jardine Funeral Home. From 1885-1898 there had been two school in the village (the one on Colborne Street was called the North Ward school, while the South Ward School was in the stone building that is now the Masonic Spry Lodge… in 1898 it became a Continuation (Junior High) School). By the early 1950s, the old public school was no longer meeting the community’s needs—there were enough students that two classes were held just down the road at the Brandon House (aka Brandonhurst), 111 Colborne Street. There was no indoor plumbing and it just had wood heat, meaning that the caretaker had to chop and split all the wood needed to keep everyone else warm.

In 1952 the Brandon House was demolished to make way for a new Public School, completed the next year. It served until 1990, when it was in turn superseded by the brand-new Langton Public School. For the next decade the old building was used for some high school classes, then was demolished in 2000 to make way for Sugarbush Villa.

Do you have memories of Fenelon Falls Public School?

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