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Fenelon Falls High School, 1956

January 22, 2022

Fenelon Falls High School

Fenelon Falls High School was a different place in 1956. Back then, many students went to work rather than high school, so there were only ten teachers, but they included many memorable personalities: Bill Bain, Art Bell, Ruth Sims, Larry Skitch, Cam Kerr, Anne Kelly, Gustave Martin, Nina Salsbury, Alice Westlake and James Thomson. Ross & Doug Ellery were the caretakers, Irene Brown was the Secretary and Clinton Thompson principal. No vice-principals were needed back then.

For Halloween the school had a dance. The gym was decorated with orange and black streamers, pumpkins, and the students, in costume danced to the music of Harry Hawkins. Another dance was held for Christmas, and in January the students enjoyed bingo, square and round dances.

The school trip went to Niagara Falls, taking a cruise on the Cayuga from Toronto to the falls. They saw Niagara-on-the-Lake, Queenston Heights, the Brock Monument and Fort Geroge.

Dave Simser was student council president, other members were Gwen White, Bonnie Perry, Jack Anderson, Ray Worsley, Lillian Devitt, Elizabeth Junkin and Jim Hopkins.

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