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Fenelon Falls From the Church Hill: The Earliest Known Photo of the Village & Yesterday Afternoon

November 26, 2021

Fenelon Falls from Church Hill Then & Now

How much the village has changed and yet how much has stayed the same…. Gone are the days when the village was filled with stumps, and automobiles have replaced the horse and carriage, but the array of lots and streets remains much the same. Cornerstone Home Furniture (centre-right) sits in the place of George Crandell’s Hotel. The Great Fire of Fenelon Falls ignited at this site in 1884, destroying much of the west side of Colborne Street, which was subsequently replaced with the brick blocks that survive today. The building across from Crandell’s is Deyman’s furniture and undertaking, the ancestor of Jardine Funeral Home. Note the board ladders nailed to roofs for fighting fire, and the Presbyterian Church, which now is (ironically) the Liquor Store.

To see more about how the village has changed, check out the new edition of Fenelon Falls Then & Now, available at Gr888 Finds and the Fenelon Falls Public Library.

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