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Do you remember the Fenelon Falls Wheeler-Dealer (Monopoly) Game?

April 17, 2024

Fenelon Falls Wheeler-Dealer (Monopoly) Game

It was your chance to buy Handley Lumber for $19,000!

As part Fenelon Falls’ Lock Centennial Celebrations in 1983, the Fenelon Falls Rotary Club created a Monopoly-style board game. Called wheeler-dealer, the objective of the game, like monopoly is to be the last solvent entrepreneur. Players need to avoid ending up “Stuck in School” at FFSS, watching a surprisingly lengthy travelogue. You can also end up facing a CRA audit, which has the potential to come out in your favour. If your properties end up “debt-ridden” your opponents have the chance to scoop them up if they land there.

The squares of the board are a blast from the past, featuring such businesses as the Fenelon Falls Gazette, North Kawartha Times (back then, Fenelon Falls had two print newspapers!), Stinson Pharmacy, IGA, Dixie Lee Fried Chicken, J’n B’s and Foster Kelly’s. What is now Garnet Graham Park was then Rotary Lakeside Park, while Heritage House (RWH Construction) served as the village hall. A few businesses are still around, including Handley Lumber, Re-Max, Cornerstone Home Furnishings, Wyatt Electric, Canadian Tire and MacArthur Drugs.

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