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Do you Remember the Fenelon Falls Playschool’s Christmas Party?

December 14, 2023

Fenelon Falls Playschool Christmas Party, 1973

50 Years Ago

Originally Published in the Fenelon Falls Gazette, December 20, 1973

The Fenelon Falls Playschool held its Christmas party last week with mothers, brothers, and sisters of the children in attendance, along with that jolly old fellow, Santa Claus. The playschool was started last year through the interest of two local mothers, who were concerned for the lack of preschool education within the community. It’s main reason for being is to provide the children, ages 3 and 4 years, with an opportunity for supervised play within their own peer group. Secondary objectives are numerous including the fostering of creativity through crafts and play, sharing, good listening habits and more awareness of themselves, of others and the world around them.

Daily supervision come in the form of a teacher, Mrs. Judy McLean, and one or two mothers. All participating mothers must be able to take duty days. Facilities consist of the United Church basement, which has been most generously offered for the second year.

Attendance is for two hours, two mornings a week. Enrolment this year is at its maximum. Anyone wishing information concerning the school year 1974-5, could contact Vera Young at 887 3426.

Ruth Armstrong, President

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