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Coboconk Arena Opens

February 25, 2022

Standing in front of the Coboconk arena

Premier Leslie Miscampbell Frost was there…  he certainly would not have missed such a community celebration in his own riding. It truly was a community arena, much of the $30,000 cost of its construction was fundraised, including public donations, business sponsorships and the proceeds raised by its devoted committee. The Oshawa Figure Skaters kicked off festivities, before the main event: a hockey game between the Coboconk Team and Victoria County All-Stars. Not only that, there was a draw for a refrigerator, a sandwich toaster and a toaster. Back then, some people still got by with an ice box, or no refrigeration at all!



Wiley Hannivan (G)

Walter Robertson (D)

Harvey Bradamore (D)

Lloyd Faulkner (D)

Dave Caister (F)

Norm Faulkner (F)

Elmer Bowins (F)

Bill Shields (F)

Jim Halliday (F)

Ralph McGann (F)

Leo Liscombe (F)

Jim Angiers (F)

County All-Starts

C. Rogers, Fenleon Falls

G. Hanthorn, Fenelon Falls

D. Barrett, Fenelon Falls

D. Gordon, Fenelon Falls

Earl Luff, Rosedale

J. Worsley, Cameron

D. Worsley, Cameron

Don Worsley, Cameron

Don Sinclair, Cambray

Don Kelly, Cambray

Roger Junkin, Red Rock

Ross Martin, Red Rock

Image courtesy of Paul Zaborowski, Shedden Historical Society

Check out the program for more information, including bios of Coby’s Hockey Heroes:

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