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Alda Kimble Remembers the Winter Short Course at Fenelon Falls United Church, 1929

March 28, 2023

Winter Short Course at Fenelon United Church, 1929. A J.H. Stanton Photograph. Back: George Lee, Hartland Junkin, Maurice Watson, Oscar Reid, Howard Poulsom, (railing) ?, ?, ?, Mr. Winter, ?, Russell Webber, Lorne Watson, Arthur Smitheram. 2nd Row: Charles Melbourne, Martha Smitheram?, Gerald Chambers, Orlee Eyers (Hildebrand married), ?, Fielder, (railing) Beth Graham, ?, Amy Lamb (Pennock), Laura (Milborne) Flett, Ruth Moffatt (with glasses), Jean (Southam) Jones, Myrtle Walker. 3rd Row (Right of Railing only): ?, Ruby (Beggs) Magee, Helen (Chambers) Watson, Maude (Fielder) White, ?, ?. 4th Row: Glen Webster, Vera (Watson) Chambers, Lottie (Hopkins) Watson Webster, Charles Hetherington, (railing) Mary Oliver? (with glasses), ?, Mary Oliver?, ?, ?, Mary Devitt (Harold), Gladys Suggitt, Cora Hogue (with glasses), Cliff Moffatt's Sister or Agnes Lamb. Front Row: ?, Alister Lamb, Buck (Horacio) Nelson, (railing) Wilfred Fairfield, Edwin Brandon, Ross Olvier, Jim Southam, Doug Hetherington, George Mitchell.

Recorded by Catherine Junkin, 2010

This 1929 agricultural short course, grew from the winter fair that was often held in Bill Robson’s implement shop (now Daisy Mart and Pharmasave) and out front on Colborne Street. At the fair, locals would show animals, including sheep and horses. There were also competitions for driving horses (with categories for both men and women), along with exhibitions of baking, cooking and handicrafts. Alda remembers Mr. Robson or Charles Burgoyne would always buy a fresh chicken for $1.00.

Horses were judged in front of Robson’s machinery shop. Alda remembers her mom driving in with Ruth Moffatt, via horse and cutter. Similarly, Laura Flett and Myrtle Flett drove together. William Robson lived above the Vanatter store at one time, then built the red brick home on Bond Street, beside W.J. and Letitia Flett. William was Monty Robson’s father.

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