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A Monster in the Kawartha Lakes???

November 14, 2021

Is that the Monster?

In the 1870s and 1880s the Kawarthas were infested by a terrifying creature, first recorded in the Bobcaygeon Independent in 1872:“A strange fish of most monstrous size had been seen in Sturgeon Lake, that two persons (each in a canoe) had been compelled to flee for their lives, and that it had chased the [Steamship] Ogemah with extreme fierceness and voracity … as large as a saw log, with horns two feet long, a prodigious snake-like neck, and a gigantic head resembling a swan’s, plus the aforesaid horns.

”One night a party of locals went out and fired on the creature, though they dared not approach it, and apparently missed. It was said that the steamer Coboconk was the only one with the nerve to approach it. As the reports continued to pour in, there was much speculation about what it could be: A giant sea serpent? A circus escapee? Or to doubters, a saw log? Sightings were especially common on Cameron Lake until about 1890. We will never know what became of the Cameron Lake Monster, but since it was in all the local papers it must have been real!

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