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A Memory of the Great Fire of Kinmount, 1942

April 30, 2022

As many are not aware there was a railway siding on the river side back of the station where the tool shed (later became a house) and the water tank were positioned, the engine would pull up there to fill with water from the tank.

On a windy night in 1942 after the train had been there, a blaze was triggered in the sawmill yard where it was mostly sawdust, however the sparks came from a piece of tar paper from the roof of the water tank, also some of same lighting on roof of mill.

The flying sparks came from the water tank, not the mill, however, this tar paper could be found all around.

Therefore the cause of the fire was the water tank, however, railway never wanted to accept the blame. The water tank (remains) were torn down and a house built beside where it sat, next to the tool shed. Re Northern Hotel fire was set by a community member around 11 pm at night (Saturday)

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