Main Lodge, Drag Lake

Captured around 1960, this view shows a cluster of log cabins built especially for tourists at what is likely the Domain of Killien lodge on Drag Lake, in the Haliburton Highlands. Note one of the guests holding an infant on the back porch of the cabin on the right.

Drag Lake

Maryboro Lodge Collection

Cottages at Coboconk

A rowboat and two outboard motorboats are beached not far from a cluster of summer cottages known as Clay-Mar in this aerial view. The layout of the grounds suggests that these cottages or cabins were part of a larger campground or resort, and could be rented out by vacationers.


Maryboro Lodge Collection

Davis Lake, near Kinmount

A cluster of birch trees frames the placid waters of Davis Lake, near Kinmount, in this view from 1963.

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Sturgeon Point Boathouses

Boathouses at Sturgeon Point, a favourite subject for photographers in the first half of the 20th Century.

Lake Avenue , Sturgeon Point

Maryboro Lodge Collection

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