Fishing Club at Hotel Kawartha

40 Lindsay Street E , Fenelon Falls

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Belevedere Lodge

Belevedere Lodge became famous not merely for its rustic accommodations, but for the picturesque birch-lined lane which led scores of tourists to them.

Balsam Lake

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Miner’s Bay Lodge

Miners Bay Lodge, pictured here from the air in 1965, included not only rustic accommodations within its historic lodge buiding, but also ample space along the waterfront for guests to set up their trailers. Faintly discernible in this aerial shot are the unmistakable appearance of at least one or two Airstream units, distinguished by their polished aluminum coachwork.

Miner's Bay

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Cedar Villa Lodge

Colourful Adirondack chairs at the neatly-manicured grounds of Cedar Villa Lodge in this view, captured in the 1950s. Note the cabins nestled among the cedar groves in the distance; these were a popular alternative to staying in the main lodge building.

Circa 1950

Cedar Villa Road , Fenelon Falls

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Homewood Park


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Lakeview Inn, Sturgeon Point

Lake Avenue , Sturgeon Point

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Train Station at Highland Inn

Cache Lake

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