Donate an Artifact

Do you have a piece of our community’s history that you would like to share? We would love to hear from you.

Maryboro Lodge collects photographs and artifacts that illustrate how life and environment have changed in the Kawarthas over the years. We collect artifacts from any period, including the present. We greatly appreciate artifacts that have a story to tell, whether it is about local personalities, businesses, communities or landscapes. If you can record stories to accompany a proposed donation, they are much appreciated, as are photographs of items in use and their former owners.

Being located in a historic home, we are limited in the size of the items we can accept to things that would normally fit in a house. We have exhibitions on agriculture, forestry, and local trades, but are only able to accommodate donations of moderate size, unless an artifact is suitable for outdoor storage and exhibition.

If you have photographs you might be interested in sharing, we do not necessarily need to keep the original. We often scan images and return the original to the donor upon request.

If you would like to discuss a proposed donation, feel free to talk to our staff, drop us a line at or call Glenn Walker, curator, at 705 887 5174.

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