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Business Type: Tinsmith

Harry Ackert

The work in Twomey’s Hotel was done by our new tinsmith, Mr. Harry Ackert… [FFG 24 June 1898: 5]. Ackert’s wife was “Marion Archer of FF” and her death was noted locally in February 1944. She died in Rochester NY… [FFG 23 March 1944; 8] There is no other evidence of his work or his […]

William F. (or S.) Burley

William Burley is listed in the 1871 census as a 28 year-old Ontario-born, Methodist, and his first appearance in the directories, as a tin-smith, was in July of the same year. The census also records the details of his “Tin shop” noting that he employed two men and that “this establishment ran only six months.” […]

J. Townsend

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