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William Fielding

“Mr. William Fielding, who lately purchased the tannery owned by Mr. George Manning, is running it to its fullest capacity and is doing a very lively trade” [CP 12 March 1880: 3]. The business was leased to a Thomas McKone and his son, of Hampton, Ontario in May of 1882 [FFG 20 May 1882: 2]. […]

George Manning

George Manning is listed as a 33 year-old, Ontario-born farmer in the 1871 Census of Victoria County. He began operating a tannery business1 about 18712, and continued dealing with “leather of different kinds” until 1880 when it was sold to William Fielding [CP 12 March 1880: 3]. Around 1881 he opened a store on Colborne […]

Thomas McKone

William Fielding leased the Fenelon Falls Tannery to Thomas McKone and his son in May of 1882. McKone was from Hampton, Ontario and was to take possession on July 1st [FFG 20 May 1882; 2]. McKone apparently ran the tannery for the next 3½ years. Fielding finally sold the Tannery to Joseph McArthur and William […]

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