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Business Type: Tailor

Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson is listed as a 24 year-old tailor in the 1861 Census. He had invested $200.00 in the business and expected a return of $300. He first appears in Mitchell’s Canada Gazetteer in 1864/1865. Of Irish background he was born in Ontario and again appeared in the 1871 Census as a 33 year-old merchant […]

A. (Albert) Laliberte

In an ad dated 7 May 1880 A. Laliberte announced the opening of his new tailor shop on Colborne Street, “opposite Mr. Wm. Marshall’s old stand.” The ad ran for several months in the Gazette. By September he had moved the business into a house north of Bond Street owned by Mrs. Umphrey [sic] [FFG […]

William McArthur

William McArthur died in Lindsay on October 14th, 1925, and was interred in the Riverside Cemetery [FFPL 25.20].

B. McDermott

Province of Ontario Gazetteer and Directory, 1869.

S.S. Penhale

S.S. Penhale was certainly working in the village as a tailor by the summer of 1894, but there is some uncertainty whether he was in partnership with Robert Taggart [FFG 30 Mar 1894; 4] or if he was employed in the shop of A. Clark & Son [FFG 6 July 1894; 5]. One thing is […]

Robert Taggart

Taggart was living in the village in 1891, but the Census gives no profession, stating only that he was 51 year-old member of the Church of England. “Robert Taggart, and a partner named [S.S.] Penhale from Toronto”, opened a merchant tailoring business in April of 1894 in one of William McArthur’s stores [FFG 30 March […]

John James Townley

According to the obituary of his son, the Townleys came to Canada from London England in 1890. The family travelled extensively and had been in business in Essington, Alaska, and Vancouver BC., before moving to Toronto. In May 1894 J.J. Townley came to the Falls and was engaged as a cutter in Robert Taggart’s tailoring […]

Townley Brothers

Arthur Leonard (Art) (1886-1938) and H.J. (Herbert John) (1883-1949) took over the tailoring business started by their father after his death in 1907. Their shop was located on the west side of Colborne Street. “H.J. was the cutter and fitter while Art was the salesman.” According to his obituary, H.J. was unable to carry on […]

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