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Business Type: Shoes

John Finn

John Finn’s shoe shop first appears in the directories during the summer of 1875 . In 1877 Finn’s business shared a house on Colborne Street with McFarland’s grocery store and the dwelling of M.H. Cochrane . The 1881 Census lists him as a 34 year-old Irish-born Catholic. Apart from this there is little information about […]

Robert E. Hall

In 1871, Robert Hall was a 26 year-old, Ontario-born shoemaker from an Irish background. He is listed in the 1871 census of the County, and his name first appears in the D&B directories in July of that year. He made and sold boots and shoes throughout most of the 1870’s. Hall may have formed a […]

Hall & Ellis

A partnership formed by Robert E. Hall and John A. Ellis

Ludger Laliberte

Ludger was the brother of Albert Laliberte. His bootmaking business was certainly in operation by April 1884 for it was burnt out in the great fire of April 1884 [FFG 26 April 1884; 2]. He also took temporary quarters in the Jordan block above Mr. Nevison and Mr. Blott [FFG 3 May 1884; 2]. Ludger […]

G.M. Pearce

G.M. Pearce bought out his brother Henry Pearce in April of 1891 and opened out a choice lot of ready made boots & shoes in Mr. S. Newman’s brick block [FFG 10 April 1891; 4]. The shop does not appear to have lasted very long; his brother Henry was back to running the shoe business […]

Henry Pearce

Henry Pearce was a shoemaker in the village for many years. He first appears in the directories in 1887, and he remained in business until about 1919. His brother took over the business for a brief period after April 18911, but Henry was certainly operating the store in November 1892 when most of the stock […]

Andrew Torrance

Andrew Torrance was born in Glasgow and came to Canada with his parents at the age of 13, settling in Fenelon Township. According to the directories, Torrance set up shop in Fenelon Falls in the spring or early summer of 1881, perhaps with this father. About a year later, he left for Winnipeg, but returned […]

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