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Business Type: Shoes/Shoemaker

James Austin

James Austin is listed as a 47 year-old, English-born shoemaker in the Fenelon Township Census of 1871; he also appears in the 1891 and 1901 Censuses. As a resident of the township his name does not appear in any of the village directories; but he has often been mistaken for a Fenelon Falls merchant and […]

Joseph Britton

Joseph Britton is listed as a shoemaker, and resident of “Fenelon Falls, Canada West” in the Canada Directory for 1857-58. He must have left the village soon afterwards, as there are no other references to his business, nor is he listed in 1858 Directory of the United Counties of Peterborough and Victoria.

Patrick Crowley

P. Crowley is listed in the 1861 Census of Fenelon Township as a 31 year-old, Irish-born, Roman Catholic shoemaker. The capital investment in his business was $700 and the “annual product” was $400. He also owned 1 horse, 1 cow, and 2 pigs. He does not appear in the 1871 census.

W. Farmer

Province of Ontario Gazetteer and Directory (1869).

Robert Hiram McCallum

The Province of Ontario Gazetteer and Directory for 1869 lists a partnership between William Campbell and Robert McCallum. That partnership was dissolved by 1870, and McCallum is listed in the 1871 census as a 26 year-old, Ontario-born shoemaker. Lovell’s Province of Ontario Directory (1871) also lists him in business. Robert McCallum had a stand opposite […]

Allen McKillen

Allen McKillen is listed in the 1871 Census as a 40 year-old Irish-born shoemaker. He may have moved from the area, but was certainly back in business by April 18841 as he was burnt out in the great fire [FFG 26 April 1884; 2], having rented a store in one of William Jordan’s buildings on […]

John Denley Naylor

Naylor is listed in the 1851 Census of Fenelon Township and the 1851 Canada Directory as a 29 year-old, English-born shoemaker, living in a log shanty. There are no other references. In the 1871 Census, a John Naylor is listed as a farmer. Naylor lived in Fenelon Township but caused quite a stir in the […]

Benedict Olson

Olson first appears in the 1895 Province of Ontario Gazetteer and Directory, and in D&B from January 1897 to July 1899. Whatever his situation, there are no other references to his business.

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