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Business Type: Shingle Mill

McArthur Bros.

The “McArthur Brothers” are frequently mentioned in local sources, and they usually refer to Alexander and Joseph McArthur. It is often difficult to determine if the brothers formed an actual business partnership, if they were just working together, or if they were simply referred to as such by the press. The only time the brothers […]

Joseph McArthur

Joseph McArthur was a land owner, and a man of many business interests and projects, all of which were of major importance to the village from the late 1860s until his premature death in 1892. He began his career as a tavern-keeper and first appears in D&B in January 1869; He was also issued a […]

Smith & Fell Shingle Mill

The Smith & Fell Shingle Mill was created by a partnership between David Gow Smith and John Fell, senior, sometime in the mid-1870s. They first appear in the directories in 1874 under Fell & Smith, but the firm soon reverted to the above name. The shingle mill was destroyed by fire on July 17th, 1876 […]

W.H. Stevenson

John Ellis obtained legal title to the surviving shingle mill and remaining buildings belonging to the late firm of Green and Ellis through an auction held in Lindsay in June of 1895. The Gazette announced that the shingle mill was leased “not long ago” to a W. H. Stevenson, “who put it into a thorough […]

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