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Business Type: Sawmill

Brownlee & Mowry

George Brownlee and [Bradley?] Mowry, lumber merchants, first appear in D&B in July 1868 and in the Province of Ontario Gazetteer and Directory for 1869. James Dickson mentions Brownlee’s steam mill in December 1869, and again in April 1870, when he records a steamer coming from Lindsay to Mowry’s mill. The mill was on the […]

D. (Daniel) Comstock

We know little about Daniel Comstock and what has been printed is unverifiable . In the “Papers Concerning James Dickson” there is a history of the Littleton family, which states that Joseph Littleton (born 1813) worked “in a sawmill operated by a Mr. Comstock” sometime between 1846 and 1855. An article dating from March 1854 […]

Mowry & Hilliard [main office in Peterborough]

A partnership formed between lumber merchants George Brownlee and [Bradley?] Mowry to operate a saw mill ([1868-1872]) was dissolved sometime after 1872. C.D. Howe’s 1913 Trent Watershed Survey notes that the 1872/1873 output for “Hilliard & Mowry” [sic] was “4,000,000 feet B.M.” [106], so a new partnership was formed about this time. The 1873 edition […]

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