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Business Type: Saw Mill

McArthur & Thompson

The partnership of Alexander McArthur and John Thompson was active by the spring of 1880 when the Gazette noted “that the mill known as “Mowrey’s old mill” has been leased by Messrs. John Thompson and Alexander McArthur, who intend running it to its fullest capacity” [FFG 19 March 1880; 3]. Their plan was to fabricate […]

Smith & McArthur

Smith & McArthur was the result of a partnership with David Gow Smith and one of the McArthur brothers, possibly Alexander. The firm first appears in D&B in January 1871, and it is listed in the 1871 Census as working 11 months, with 4 men and 4 boys (under 12 years) employed in the mill. […]

James Wallis

James Wallis is considered one of the founders of Fenelon Falls as his speculations and investments were of vital importance to its early development. His business operations in partnership with Robert Jameson carved the village out of the wilderness. Originally from County Cork, Ireland, James Wallis arrived in Montreal from Glasgow in 1832, aged 26. […]

Thomas Bowerman

Thomas Bowerman is listed in the Canada Directory for 1851 with the rather unhelpful comment “saw mill” beside his name. Was he an owner or an employee? We know that the saw and grist mills at Fenelon Falls were seriously run down, and in 1851 “almost useless.” No one had employment at either mill. The […]

Samuel Brock

Samuel Brock is listed in the Canada Directory (1851), and in the Census of Fenelon Township for the same year. He is described as a forty year-old, Canadian-born, Church of England, saw miller, living in a one storey frame house. As we saw with Thomas Bowerman, all evidence points to the fact that neither the […]

James Ellis

James Ellis is listed as a 35 year-old, American-born lumberman in the 1871 Census. The Junkin Family history relates that he was born in Verulam Township in 1836, and farmed with his parents there until 1865. He moved with his family to Fenelon Falls after the death of his father, and no doubt became involved […]

Greene & Ellis Saw Mill

Contemporary accounts claim the Greene and Ellis saw mill was a mile from the village, and an 1874 map1 indicates it was on the west bank near the point where the Fenelon River widens out into Sturgeon Lake. Greene & Ellis was created by a partnership made between Henry Wells Greene and John Ellis, probably […]

John S. Howie, Sr.

Howie is listed as the operator of a saw mill in D&B and the Province of Ontario Gazetteer and Directory1 (1907/08).

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