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Business Type: Pumps

Henry Franklin Brokenshire

Henry Brokenshire was listed in the 1871 Census as a 53 year-old, English-born, Bible Christian, farmer in Fenelon Township. By 1881 he had opened a pump manufacturing business on Lindsay Street, opposite the Victoria Railway station. About 1885 the business was taken over by his son, Samuel Brokenshire. Henry Franklin Brokenshire died in 1888 and […]

Samuel Brokenshire

Samuel Brokenshire was a well-known maker of wooden water pumps. He appears to have taken over the business operated by his father Henry Brokenshire about 1884, and the business became known as “the Fenelon Pump Factory.” In 1885 he built a storey and a half frame building between his dwelling and the railway [Lindsay Street] […]

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