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Business Type: Postmaster

William Powles

William Powles was appointed the first regular postmaster of Fenelon Falls on December 2, 1844 [Suggitt; 275]. Some sources say he built his first house on Clifton Street near the river, and later moved onto Colborne Street in 1844 from where he ran the post office. He is listed in the Canada Directory (1851) as […]

George Cunningham

The Dominion Telegraph had been “lately established” and “under the charge of George Cunningham” when it was noted in the Canadian Post [11 Sept 1874; 3]. There is no indication that the Company had an office in Fenelon, so it must have operated out of Cunningham’s business. In October 1881 the Montreal and Dominion Telegraph […]

R.B. (Robert?) Jamieson

R.B. Jamieson opened a general store about 18651, and his name is listed in most directories up until 1871. A Robert “Jameson” is listed in the 1871 census as a 45-year-old merchant from Scotland. By 1868 Jamieson had also been appointed the village postmaster, which may explain his gradual disappearance from the business records. After […]

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