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Business Type: Physician

James Allen

The physician James Allen appears in the directories from 1876 to 1880. He sold his practice and some of his furniture to Dr. A. Wilson in February 1880 [CP 20 Feb 1880; 1], and soon afterwards left the village.

Hugh Bigham

A Hugh Bigham is listed in the 1861 Census of Fenelon Township as a 32 year-old doctor. The 1871 census again lists him a 44 year-old Irish-born Presbyterian; however, in most of the directories and newspapers the name is given as Bingham. To confuse matters, there are two physicians named Bingham (Henry and Hugh) in […]

William G. Bryson

Although he appears in the directories under a variety of different initials, Dr. Bryson had his residence and practice on May Street, and acted as the coroner for the village in the 1870’s. Bryson appears in the 1871 census as a 29 year-old physician and surgeon working in Lindsay, nonetheless Lovell’s Province of Ontario Directory […]

James Fitzgerald

“James Fitzgerald, Esq., M.D., lately graduated from McGill, has settled at Fenelon Falls…” He is of “unsullied character” and his appointment “warrants us congratulating the people of Fenelon on the settlement amongst them of a gentleman so well qualified to honour his calling and prove a useful member of the community [CP 2 June 1865; […]

H.H. [Hugh Henry] Graham

Hugh Henry Graham was born in Peterborough County1, the second son of Thomas Graham. Educated in Dublin and London he graduated in 1884 and returned to Canada in July of that year. He joined the practice of Dr. P. Palmer Burrows in Lindsay by the end of the summer, and remained in Lindsay for nine-months. […]

William Higganbotham

The physician William Higganbotham stayed in the village only 18 months, as he left for Omemee in July 1874 [CP 31 July 1874; 3] where his wife’s family were residents.

James H. Lowe

Suggitt suggests that Lowe took over the practice of T.L. Reade in the late 1870’s, but Lowe does not appear in the directories or newspapers until 18812, and Reade did not leave the village until June 1881, so Suggitt is slightly off in her dates. Lowe moved his home (and office) several times but for […]

T.W. Reade

Suggitt claims that a T.L. Reade settled at the Falls in 1873 and opened his office on Francis Street West (Suggitt; 280). I have not been able to confirm this date, but ads for Dr. Reade do appear in the early Gazettes. Reade sold out to Dr. J.H. Lowe and left the Falls for Niagara […]

Dr. Rutherford

“Dr. Rutherford is leaving after about a year.” [CP 18 June 1875; 1].

Archibald Wilson

Suggitt [280] claims Wilson settled in the village in 1878, although he does not appear in the directories until the beginning of 18801. One of Wilson’s accomplishments was to open a hospital in the village for sick or injured labourers or for those who had no family to take care of them. He rented J.J. […]

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