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Business Type: Photographer

Mr. Sproule

Sproule was an itinerant photographer who set up his “photographic tent” in the late summer of 1895. The Gazette reported that “As Mr. Sproule had to go to Toronto on Thursday to officiate as one of the judges of Fine Arts exhibits at the Toronto Industrial Fair, his photographic tent will remain at the Falls […]

James Henry Stanton

“Messrs. McKenzie and Stanton, photographers, of Port Perry, are about to commence business in Fenelon Falls, and Mr. Robert Rutherford has been busy all this week putting up a gallery for them on the east side of Colborne Street, opposite the McArthur House. It measures 14 x 35 feet, with a 9 foot ceiling and […]

Richard Boyd Sylvester

The upper storey of R. Cooper’s harness shop on Francis Street East “is to be converted into a photography gallery for Mr. Sylvester” [FFG 17 May 1884; 2]. The space, with a skylight, was still being plastered in June [FFG 14 June 1884; 2], but photography was well underway in October. The Gazette reported that […]

Hamilton Fowler

Hamilton Fowler began his career as a photographer in Fenelon Falls. According to Phillips (I) Fowler operated a studio here from 1876 to 1879, but it may have lasted until 1880 . Fowler moved to Lindsay sometime in the spring of 1880, as Scott and Andrus established a “branch gallery” (to be attended by a […]

Agnes Loynd Heeley

Agnes Heeley was, according to some sources, the first resident photographer in Fenelon Falls, although in the 1871 Census it is William Heeley, her husband, who is listed as the photographer. Even as William’s assistant she was certainly one of the few women working in photography in the province. The photo studio was set up […]

Johnston & Marshall

“A new photographic gallery has been established in the village by Messers. Johnston & Marshall. Their gallery looks well” [CP 23 Oct 1874; 2]. Hugh Johnston and William Marshall Jr. were no doubt the partners involved. The firm did not last long in the village, as “Hugh Johnston” was operating a photographic firm in Lindsay […]

William Marshall Jr.

“A new photographic gallery has been established in the village by Messers. Johnston & Marshall. Their gallery looks well” [CP 23 Oct 1874; 2]. There is no doubt that William Marshall Jr. was the son of the above William Marshall, baker. The photographic partnership did not last very long as Hugh Johnston was operating a […]

Charles Morrow

Charles Morrow is listed in The Ontario Photographers List in 1874 and in D&B during 1875. There is little doubt that the business lasted no more than a year and that Morrow soon left for greener pastures.

Scott And Andrus

M. Andrus (Mortimer Andrus, 1855-1945) and [W.A.?] Scott set up the photography firm of Scott and Andrus in Lindsay about 1877. A branch was opened in Fenelon Falls in 1880. “Messrs. Scott and Andrus, the well-known photographers, have established a branch gallery at Fenelon Falls, which will be attended by a member of the firm, […]

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