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Business Type: Painter

William Avery

A “W. Avery” is listed as a painter in D&B for these years. There is also a William R. Avery listed as a painter in the 1891 Census, aged 39.

Edward Chambers

The Gazette records that an Edward Chambers was the “artist” for the new coat of paint for the front of Arnold & Grahams’ shop in June of 1892 [FFG 17 June 1892; 4]. There is a listing for a 24 year-old Presbyterian labourer in the 1891 Census. Chambers may have formed a partnership with John […]

John W. Kennedy

John W. Kennedy is listed as a painter in the 1869 Ontario Gazetteer and Directory. In the 1871 census the 26 year-old, Ontario-born Wesleyan Methodist had become a store-keeper, and more specifically, in Lovell’s Province of Ontario Directory of the same year, a baker and grocer. By July 1871 Kennedy had formed at partnership with […]

James Lambert

James Lambert is listed in the 1871 Census as a 31 year-old, Ontario-born painter. He was listed in D&B from January 1875 to the end of 1878. An obituary for a James Lambert records that he died on Thursday June 11th, 1885, in the 48th year of his age [FFG 13 June 1885; 2].

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