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Business Type: Merchant

Carl Adam

Carl Adam is listed in the 1861 Census as a 26 year-old Ontario-born1 merchant. He was also noted as a Wesleyan Methodist. He had a capital investment of $500, and the annual product of his business was $300. There is no other record of his operations.

Thomas Graham

Thomas Graham was in partnership with James Arnold from 1890 while operating a grocery, boot and shoe business. The partnership was dissolved by 1894 or ’95. Graham was still listed as a merchant in the summer of 1894 when he married Agnes Ellis, the daughter of John A. Ellis [FFG 3 Aug 1894; 4]. In […]

John Langton

John Langton never operated a business in the village of Fenelon Falls, nonetheless his influence as a “businessman” and supplier for early settlers should be recorded. Three quotations from his letters are noteworthy. “Tell my mother she may make herself easy: I shall set up no store… yet awhile at least–for the best of all […]

Thomas H. Robinson

The store operated by Thomas H. Robinson was probably in Fenelon Township outside of the village limits but it was apparently a large operation. Thomas H. Robinson is listed in the 1861 census of Fenelon as a 37 year-old merchant with a $2000 capital investment in his business. He and his wife Catherine had five […]

James Wallis

James Wallis is considered one of the founders of Fenelon Falls as his speculations and investments were of vital importance to its early development. His business operations in partnership with Robert Jameson carved the village out of the wilderness. Originally from County Cork, Ireland, James Wallis arrived in Montreal from Glasgow in 1832, aged 26. […]

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