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Business Type: Meat

John Denley Naylor

Naylor is listed in the 1851 Census of Fenelon Township and the 1851 Canada Directory as a 29 year-old, English-born shoemaker, living in a log shanty. There are no other references. In the 1871 Census, a John Naylor is listed as a farmer. Naylor lived in Fenelon Township but caused quite a stir in the […]

Adam Stockdale

Hand notes that Adam Stockdale peddled meat “around the village” [FFG 29 May 1896; 4] greatly to the disgust of the resident butchers. Such peddlers are mentioned infrequently in the press, and this one is recorded for its historic interest. The Stockdale family were residents of Fenelon Township and are listed in the 1891 Census. […]

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