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Business Type: Livery

Cain & Edwards

Cain & Edwards was created out of a partnership between E.R. Edwards and his cousin Robert Cain. They were in business by 1872 or 1873 , and their livery stable was located on Francis Street West [CP 17 Sept 1875; 2]. The partnership was dissolved in the fall of 1876, and the newspapers announced that […]

M.H. (Mervyn Henry) Cochrane

M.H. Cochrane ran a livery stable in Fenelon Falls throughout most of the 1870’s before opening a butcher shop in 1880. He appears as Henry Cochram, a 29 year-old, Ontario-born Quaker, in the 1871 Census, but the spelling used here was used consistently in various directories. Cochrane entered into a short-lived partnership with a man […]

William Davis

Davis first appears in the 1881 Census of the village as a 27 year-old butcher although he soon took up other pursuits. In his obituary it states that he was a carpenter by trade and built several houses in the village. According to an ad dated 18 June 1884 , Davis was selling the “atmospheric […]

E.R. (Edward Robert) Edwards

Edward Edwards appears as a 25 year-old, Ontario-born labourer in the 1871 Census. The following year “E.R. Edwards” started a livery business in partnership with Robert Cain . The firm of Cain and Edwards lasted until 1876, when E.R. became its sole owner [CP 3 Nov 1876; 3]. The Edwards home, drive shed and livery […]

Angus Fountain

The Gazette records that “Mr. Angus Fountain, the well known bartender of the McArthur House” [FFG 6 Sept 1889; 4] left for Sarnia on Saturday August 31st for new employment. His exile does not appear to have lasted, for an “Anges W” [sic] Fountain is listed in the 1891 Census as a 22 year-old Methodist […]

William Golden

“Benjamin Heaslip has purchased J.J. Nevison’s half interest in the new livery stable started here a few weeks ago, and the firm is now Heaslip and Golden” [FFG 20 June 1890; 4]. The directories list Golden on his own by 1891. In October 1892 Golden purchased a house on Francis Street and built a new […]

George Goodhand

George Goodhand was born in Port Hope in 1854 and lived successively at Cameron, Fenelon Falls and Baddow. He purchased the livery business of William Routley in the spring of 1889 [FFG 1 March 1889: 8]. Goodhand’s stables, located on Francis Street East, were burned in a fire on July 31st 1890 [FFG 1 Aug […]

George Martin

The name George Martin first appears in 1876 (D&B) as the owner of a livery stable. His name is mentioned again in 1881 as he was paid $3.00 for storing the village fire engine in one of his buildings [FFG 29 Jan 1881; 2]. George Martin was also in partnership with Alexander McArthur and John […]

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