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Business Type: Insurance Agent

James Louis Arnold

James L. Arnold came to Fenelon Falls from Aylmer, ON in 1887 and worked for Austin Bros’ grocery and butcher store. After two and a half years the Austin Bros.’ partnership dissolved and upon Henry Austin taking over the business Arnold was hired as manager and bookkeeper. About 1890, Arnold entered into partnership with Thomas […]

George Cunningham

The Dominion Telegraph had been “lately established” and “under the charge of George Cunningham” when it was noted in the Canadian Post [11 Sept 1874; 3]. There is no indication that the Company had an office in Fenelon, so it must have operated out of Cunningham’s business. In October 1881 the Montreal and Dominion Telegraph […]

William E. Ellis

William E. Ellis purchased the business of John Nuggent in August 1883. The FFG stated “Mr. Ellis is well known, and has a large connection in Fenelon Falls and vicinity… [he] is an experienced druggist … [is] personally popular…[and] should do as well as Mr. Nuggent [FFG 25 August 1883; 2]. Ellis’s interests and activities […]

John R. Graham

J. R. Graham was replaced by Joseph Heard as the agent for Peter Hamilton Agricultural implements in November of 1890 [FFG 28 Nov 1890; 4]. The 1891 Census lists him as a 42 year-old implement-agent, Scottish-born and a Methodist. Afterwards he sold insurance. Graham disappears from D&B after 1897.

Samuel S. Johnson

Samuel Johnson of Verulam purchased the grocery business of Samuel Newman in February 1882 [FFG 25 Feb 1882; 2]. His store was located in the Kennedy and Newman Block, where he sold boots, shoes and groceries. Johnson took George Fielder into partnership to run a bakery in March of 1883 [FFG 31 March 1883; 2], […]

W.T. (William Thomas) Junkin

W.T. Junkin began business in Fenelon Falls as a druggist in 1888 with David Kilgour. By January 1890 he is listed in D&B with his own business on the west side of Colborne Street. The stock of Junkin’s store was purchased by H.J. Lytle in 1895, and by August, Lytle was moving into Junkin’s former […]

William McArthur

William McArthur died in Lindsay on October 14th, 1925, and was interred in the Riverside Cemetery [FFPL 25.20].

William Waffle

William Waffle bought the grocery business of W.W. Blott in November 1887, and took Daniel Duggan into partnership [CP 11 Nov 1887; 1]. They were soon “settled in” with a fine display in the front of their shop [CP 25 Nov 1887; 1]. This partnership was dissolved by March of 1889 when Duggan opened his […]

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