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Business Type: Hotel

William Routley

The 1871 census lists a 40 year-old William Routly [sic] “living private”, yet he also appears as a tavern keeper in Lovell’s Province of Ontario Directory for 1871. He was the owner of the “roughly kept” Victoria Hotel when it burned in January 1878. By 1882 Routley began construction of another hotel on the same […]

Robert Rutherford

Robert Rutherford was born in Smith Township, Peterborough County [FFPL 25.13]. By 1876 he opened a grocery store in the McArthur Block; “Mr. Robert Rutherford has a considerable portion of his opening stock here and is ready to open” when the painting is done in the almost completed McArthur Block [CP 3 Nov 1876; 3]. […]

Astor House Hotel

“An old and well established on the main street” with “good accommodation and excellent board” stated an 1870 ad in the Bobcaygeon Independent. “The best liquors and cigars may always be had at the bar. The stabling is first class and horses will receive the most careful attention.” Its early history is a mystery, but […]

William H. Simpson

Wm. H. Simpson of Bobcaygeon took over the lease of the Mansion House Hotel on August 23, 1882, after Nobel Ingram left for the McArthur House. According to the Gazette Simpson was well and favourably known to almost everybody in this section [FFG 1 Sept 1882; 2]. He immediately purchased all new furniture for the […]

Peter Begin

Peter Begin’s business activities can only be traced through the history of other stores. He is not listed in the 1871 Census and so must have arrived in the area in the next year or two. Sometime in 1873, according to D&B, Augustus Cadotte entered into a partnership with a Mr. Begin to run a […]

Turner (T.E.) Spellman

Turner Spellman ran the newly built European Hotel south of the river in 1886 when it first opened. The operation was eventually taken over by Henry Brooks.

Mrs. Martha Brandon

Listed as a 35 year-old, Irish-born hotel keeper in the 1871 Census, Martha Brandon operated the Brandon Hotel on Louisa Street after the death of her husband Andrew Brandon in 1870. She still owned the building in 1898, but does not appear in the 1901 Census of the village.

Daniel H. Spencer

D&B There is a David Spencer listed as a 26 year-old, Ontario-born hotel-keeper in the 1871 Census.

Aaron Brooks

25 year-old Aaron Brooks, an Ontario-born cooper of Irish background, was living in Lindsay in 1871. Aaron, along with his brother Henry, was certainly in the village by the early 1880s. In November 1882 Aaron and Henry leased the operation of the newly built North American Hotel from William Routley [FFG 25 Nov 1882; 1], […]

George Swanton

George Swanton, formerly a farmer in Fenelon, is listed in the 1871 Census as a 24 year-old Ontario-born merchant. Swanton first appears in D&B in July 1871 as he was in partnership with his brother John in the Quebec and Ottawa House. Afterwards George is listed as a grocer. His “entire stock of teas, crockery […]

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