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Business Type: Hotel

George Raper

In 1892 Nobel Ingram sold the McArthur House Hotel to George Raper [FFG 29 April 1892; 4], of Millbrook, who took possession on April 27th. “Mr. Raper, though a young man, is no novice at the business…” The prospects of the hotel must not have suited him as Raper sold out to John Aldous in […]

H. Wicks

H. Wicks is listed in the Province of Ontario Gazetteer and Directory for 1895 as the proprietor of the European Hotel, then owned by Henry Brooks. He must have been the operator/manager at the time of publication.

Victoria Hotel

The Victoria Hotel was a small establishment south of the river. It was in operation in September 1875 when Evan Edwards paid the Lindsay Orchestra Band to play at “his house” [CP 10 Sept 1875; 3] after their excursion and concert at the McArthur House. Evan Edwards appears in the directories as the operator of […]

Jeremiah Twomey Sr.

Jeremiah Twomey [Sr.] was born in County Cork, Ireland, about 1820, where he learned the blacksmithing trade. He emigrated to Canada in 1853, and after working for some time in Peterborough, arrived in Fenelon Falls about 1854 and “became the blacksmith for the Wallis mill” and for Wallis’ steamboat Ogemah. He went into business on […]

Jeremiah Twomey Jr.

Jeremiah Twomey Jr. took over the operations of the Mansion House Hotel by July 1887 [CP 8 July 1887; 8] and continued to run the business until 1917 when his name disappears from the directories. He died on January 13th, 1928, in his 72nd year [FFPL: 28.2] and was buried in the St. Aloysius Cemetery […]

John Swanton

A John Swanton is listed as a 34 year-old, Ontario-born farmer in Fenelon in the 1871 Census. James Dickson records in his diary on the 15th of November 1871 that the “Quebec and Ottawa House where I board” had been rented to John Swanton. Swanton appears to have operated the hotel along with his brother […]

George Swanton

George Swanton, formerly a farmer in Fenelon, is listed in the 1871 Census as a 24 year-old Ontario-born merchant. Swanton first appears in D&B in July 1871 as he was in partnership with his brother John in the Quebec and Ottawa House. Afterwards George is listed as a grocer. His “entire stock of teas, crockery […]

Daniel H. Spencer

D&B There is a David Spencer listed as a 26 year-old, Ontario-born hotel-keeper in the 1871 Census.

Turner (T.E.) Spellman

Turner Spellman ran the newly built European Hotel south of the river in 1886 when it first opened. The operation was eventually taken over by Henry Brooks.

William H. Simpson

Wm. H. Simpson of Bobcaygeon took over the lease of the Mansion House Hotel on August 23, 1882, after Nobel Ingram left for the McArthur House. According to the Gazette Simpson was well and favourably known to almost everybody in this section [FFG 1 Sept 1882; 2]. He immediately purchased all new furniture for the […]

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